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If you came to this page probably, like me, you are concerned about the fact that you are not making out the best of your life… and you are in the right place!

Regardless of age, many people are feeling prisoners of their life, work and home commitments suck all our ENERGY and TIME and we find ourselves exhausted at the end of a “normal” day as if it was a marathon… and next day will be the same. Until the weekend finally comes and we feel so tired that we end up hanging around like ghosts

We, like little soldiers, are caught up in our daily routine and our wellbeing is at stake.

How to avoid this?

Well… ENERGY and TIME.

Let’s start exploring ways to improve these two areas


  • SPORT... Is well known that physical activity has positive impact not only on the body but also on the mood and mental health
  • FOOD... We are what we eat, healthy eating habits definitely improve our energy levels and help us coping with our day committments
  • ATTITUDE... This may a bit more tricky and less straightforward to some, but it is the foundation of the positive thinking concept, having the right attitude and purpose in our life can energize ourselves to the top.
  • MEDITATION... it is said that Leonardo da Vinci, to make the best use of his limited time, used to meditate 15 minutes every 4 hours without really sleeping during the night (or the day). Deep meditation can help recharging even better than sleep itself.


  • WORK... To most of us work is the activity that takes up the most of any normal day, 8 ,10, 12 or even more hours. Just very few of us can really say that they work because they like (and money is jus a positive side effect). In reality most of us work for the money... right? So I am trying to explore different ways to work less and earn more...
  • TIME MANAGEMENT... Regardless of the time that our work takes up we might discover that our attitiude to time and our time management can be improved. If you try to estimate how much free time you "should" have by subtracting from 24 the hours you sleep, work, spend in home chores etc... you will realize that in theory, based on the maths, you should find yourself a few hours of spare time, but actually they are not there, like change money in the deep of our pockets they seem to have disappeared

Well, above I have listed the main topics I am going to cover in the next future... stay tuned for more!!

Have a nice day

Yours Sincerely